Reenergize for Safety

When it comes to safety, there are very few items in your home more important than the smoke and CO detectors.

With very little cost and effort you can rest assured knowing that warning systems are in place to let you know when there is trouble. Start by taking a quick tour through your home and noting the types of batteries each detector uses.


What: It’s time to change the batteries in all of your CO2 and Smoke Alarms.

Why: Do we really need to tell you why? Have you seen the latest episode of This is Us?

How: It’s a good idea to synchronize changing your smoke and CO detector batteries with the changing of the clocks. Once the new batteries are in, hit the “test button” to make sure the alarm is functioning properly. If it isn’t working properly, run (don’t walk) to your nearest hardware store and replace it. Vacuum dust off of the units and wipe clean if necessary.

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